Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 2, 2011

Still posting

M – Hi. Apologies regarding lack of updates. I have been a bit busy as my job has changed a bit and life is a bit hectic at home. We do have pictures, just need to take a breath and figure out what my next post will be about. Any ideas? Too tired to think. As this is away from home and our pictures are on the computer there, no graphics can be added here. Boring post.

Sorry again.



  1. awww. any post is a good post. glad to hear that you’re still alive!!
    how about a post called a day in the life of …..either m or n or both? maybe on a saturday or sunday – capture them when they first wake up, having breakfast, then during the day, at bathtime, at bedtime….just random moments. it would be a nice one for strolls down memory lane when they’re bigger. just an idea – maybe a bit ambitious for right now…

  2. Extermely cool idea. Tiring but cool. No promises (or anything close to one), but I love it. 😀

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