Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 18, 2011


M – It has been a while since the last post and it feels strange. Another thing that feels is not having TV, Internet, or a home (ground) phone connection. Good thing our children do not need to be entertained thusly. Anyway, everything is back as it should be, so I’d better slap some pictures up here (seeing that at least someone noticed there hasn’t been a post in ages).

*Hugs* - I love you, yes I do.

 So far Mango still dotes on Nectarine, always wanting to hold her, hugging her or making sure mommy know when Nectarine cries (telling me such things as ‘Nectarine cry, ’cause Nectarine hungry – better tell mommy!’)

Another hug - see the tiny arm sticking out?

 It is a good thing she has been taught and reminded to be gentle with her baby sister, as she can get zealous in showing her affection (or when doing almost anything).

la la la This is the way we wash ourselves, wash ourselves... la la la

 She loves be there (and participate) when Nectarine is having a bath. However, she is not usually a big fan of having one – especially when D washes her hair. It’s like the world is ending, even though she tells everyone proudly she is clean afterwards.

We're sooo cute together, right? Now, who's cuter?

 While Nectarine is being held proudly by her BIG sister, we make sure she is safer than it looks (see D’s hand there?)

End of another long day.

 Whew. I am glad that there is much happiness in our household – normally. Being over-tired and unreasonable doesn’t count. Most people are more irritable when too tired. not just 2 1/2 year-olds (actually, more like 2 years, 4 3/4 months, but 2.5 is easier).

There are many more pictures (and internet) now, just not enough ideas to group the right pictures into a post. I am still thinking about just uploading some pictures, but it feels better if I can connect them somehow.


  1. ahhhhhh. thanks.

  2. Got your fix? Put it up just for you and to ease my guilt. 🙂

  3. whatever works!!

  4. Sorry you were without ” the basics” for awhile:-( Wow!! The kids sure have grown! How quickly time passes. Super cute update:-)

  5. Don’t worry; we were kept quite busy even without those contemporary basics. As for time, I was just comparing pictures and agree that it is easy to blink and miss life.

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