Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 26, 2011

Life in the slow lane.

M – These are just some quiet pictures of Nectarine. Some remind me of Mango when she was just over a month old too, one is just Easter cute.

Bet I can crawl before Mango did!

 Tummy time is an important part of her daily regime.

I'm only a month old and can twist my tongue. Can you?

 Practicing being cute enough to share the love.

See? Just gums. Check back in 80 years. 🙂

 No struggles over teeth brushing yet…
Easter Bunny? I have ears and eggs too

Mustn't forget my 'homework'

Must try to sleep before Nectarine wakes me up in a few hours. Right now I am camping out on the living room floor (with D on a nearby couch). This keeps her far enough away from Mango (so one family member gets enough sleep) while having us close enough to take care of her input and output all night long.

Until next time, yawningly,

M (& D & M & N) 🙂



  1. it looks like she’s plumping up nicely!

  2. Actually, I think she is less so than before. While not exactly lean, she is a nice healthy weight … and she certainly has a powerful set of lungs.

  3. no pressure or anything, but it’s been weeks! months! since your last posting. what’s going on over there???

  4. A myriad of things, some of which I will post about now. Sorry though. Nice to know I am missed, even if it DOES add pressure :p

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