Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | April 13, 2011

No thanks … and more

M – We tend to remind Mango to say thank you on a regular basis. Did you like the food? Please say ‘Thank you for supper, mommy’. Would you like some help? It would be nice to say ‘no thank you grandma’ instead of just no. Suddenly, last Friday (April 8th, 2011) she stood there and declared ‘no more thank you!‘.

No thank you ... please? 😦

Also, she is the only one I know who can make a Flintstones vitamin last over an hour in one’s mouth. She doesn’t even suck on the chewable tablet, she just lets in dissolve in her cheek. I know I used to love them because they tasted like candy and we only got one each day. However, she does like being able to pick the colour/flavour. She touches each proffered vitamin with care numerous times before finally settling on one.

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones...

 She continues to assert her independence each day, which can be a struggle at times. Still, as she creeps past 27 months (she is 2 years, 3 months, and 3 days old). Even if she needs us less, it is nice to know that she still wants to be with us. Side note – I don’t know if she wants us to carry her more to keep feeling loved and not usurped or because she is sneaky enough to use us as a free ride.

Toting her backpack defiantly to daycare (well, out to the van anyway).

What a girl. It is nice to know she loves all of us, Nectarine included. While she sees little of some family members, she has quite the sticky mind. With no real prompting, she can name O & O, G & G(#1), Uncle K, Auntie N, ZW, DW, Auntie P, K (although she doesn’t really know his name), RK, LK, TK, and JK. Interestingly enough, when we told her we were going to see some family, including RK on the list, she remembered them all, including that cousin, adding that she had not met him (she had, but it was months ago). Other family members are tougher (although doable) as she only sees them once or twice a year. It seems her mind sharpens as fast as mine dulls. 🙂 She tends to associate most of them with something unique. For example, when I say ‘you betcha!’, she stops me and says, ‘no, not daddy, Uncle K!’ (as in, it is his catchphrase & no one else can use it).

O & O visiting the day Nectarine was born

Most made it for Christmas, including an unmentioned G+1

Most of the Ks (plus some)

My apologies to the S side. All the pictures I have are a bit old and Mango remembers less of you … It’s tougher as you live so much further away.




  1. Love the updates for the K family they got soo big and good lookin too. I can even see your sisers in both the K and S bunch.. Towering over poor

  2. I’m sure she loves every minute of it. All I know is she still gets down on the floor to play with Mango (and Nectarine) and can hold N in her arms for hours without seeming to tire. Must be a mother thing…

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