Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 5, 2011

Nearly missed moments.

M – Another mostly Mango post. Had to squeeze few more outside pictures in, as just one didn’t reflect the hours we spent out there.

Missed getting a picture of her squatting down, waiting and watching as the garage door went up. We had just driven up in the van, but who knows what may have changed outside in the past 2 minutes. The alley, a pocketful of excitement.

These boots were made for splashing...

In her own world already Where does all that water go?

 The nice part is that while she ranged widely to explore, whenever a vehicle appeared, she ran back to the safety of our driveway; just the way we practiced. As soon as it drove by though, back to the splashing she went. Zoom!

Perfect picture of a stomping splash in progress.

It is a darn good thing we bought those boots a day before. Still, she managed to soak her ski pants, two pairs of gloves, her socks and the pant legs of the pair of jeans I was wearing.

I keep pouring in snow. Where does it go?

Outside was fun, cold and wet. Inside was a bit calmer.

Sleeping wherever and whenever.

Life moves on. Hopefully I can catch up pseudo life online to real life out here. Since then, much has changed again. Wait, wait! Just stop for a day to let me put something on here! Waiiiitt!


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