Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 30, 2011


M – **SIDE NOTE** These pictures were taken on March 23rd, before the previous post was typed up. Hard to keep up though, so this post ended up being added later.

Nectarine is learning about her new world; Mango is imagining her own.

You're not my mommy! You are shiny though.

So much to learn. Slow down already – I’m not even 3 weeks old yet!

My brain is tired.

Meanwhile, Mango is having a cupcake party for Elmo and friends. No tea was offered.

A homemade cupcake for all (including me)!

One looks too tired to eat, another can barely see over top of the table, and poor baby bear is being held back by the ‘innocent’ Elmo.


  1. i’m so happy to see the little table and chairs getting so much use – they were such a fixture in my life for so long – so many different applications over the years…..sigh.

  2. So are we. Unfortunately, it is on a carpet. Carpets are not ‘moondough’, playdoh’, nor marker (to name just few of our artistic mediums) friendly.

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