Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 27, 2011


M – Between Mango and Nectarine (and work), life is busy. So far no real emotional explosions, although Mango is expressing her stubbornness. Oh yes indeed. meanwhile, Nectarine sleeps through it all but wakes up when everyone goes (or tries to go) to bed. A night owl. Poor grandmother and mommy. In comparison, my going to work is almost easy. Sort of.

Today Mango and I went out to explore our yard. We went out yesterday too – and splashed in big puddles – but today it was all ice and snow.

Exploring the vast front yard

Part of the surrealism of our day was how we were able to walk on top of the snow in our yard while looking down at brown grass. She loved it and as a consequence, we were outside for quite a while. It’s a tough life.

Meanwhile, Nectarine was sleeping peacefully inside…

Everyone quiet! Nectarine is sleeping!

…or was she?

Is it time to eat yet?

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