Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 18, 2011


M – Echos of the past. Tired on a regular basis; emphasized by trying to keep up with Mango. She is still a ball of lightning, just one who is testing our limits more as she continues to see how far she can push things. She is a master (for a 2 year-old) manipulator at staying up late, stubborn as can be when we happen to be late for something, cute as ever – moreso when it helps keep her the focal point of attention, etc. Thankfully Nectarine can sleep through her noise – unfortunately, this can backfire as she sometimes doesn’t sleep much at night. She lost some of her birth weight (but not enough to cause ‘red flags’ for our midwife). After about 10 or 11 days, she is starting to regain poundage. I go back to work on Monday; I am not sure if it will be a good thing or not. However, the need is there as I am not making money – which is something we need right now.

All that baby stuff with a growing list of things that needed to be dealt with. 1) clogged pipes, 2) exploding hot water tank, 3) leaking overflow pipe in bathtub, 4) car dying – cost too much to repair, so we’re donating it to a worthy cause (update – we sold it to a mechanic), 5) snow removal off roof [in case it was causing the aforementioned leak], 6) moisture under our new vanity [maybe due to a pipe leaking there too], 7) new caulking for the kitchen floor [which has yet to be done], 8) etcetera.

Enough. Enjoy our joys.

Best way to nap - for both of them

Although the doll came with the name Mia, Mango sometimes calls it by a different name – Nectarine. As in, Mommy has Nectarine, this Mango’s Nectarine.

''This MANGO'S baby!''

Nectarine was a lot calmer than Mango was for her first bath at home. She didn’t turn purple screaming. 🙂

Suspicious as to the motives of her grandma

Sure didn’t take her long to relax afterwards.

Yawwn. Warm and cosy = sleepy time.

Anyway, those are some excuses reasons for not posting very often.


  1. A lovely full life is nothung to make excuses for… and get some sleep.

  2. Sure, we’ll agree with you. Besides, as I am forced to return to work, it somehow is resulting in more sleep on my part – although Mango woke me up early one morning asking if I was awake…

  3. Beautiful girls!!

  4. They get that from D. Unless you are implying that I am beautiful. 😉

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