Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 13, 2011

Holding on.

M – Here are some pictures reflecting Nectarine’s first few days out in the open.

Gotta have proof in case they ask later

Another reminder of some obstacles D/Nectarine. Nectarine was not only 10 lb, 4.8 oz, she also had and arm around her neck, shoving her elbow into uncomfortable places. She also kicked (hard enough for the midwife to comment on it with surprise) and hiccupped on the way out. Stubborn girl. Gets it from her mother. 😉

Taken at 5:07 a.m. the morning after birth

 D holding Nectarine while M looks on dotingly. We were exhausted. No sleep the night before, high stress levels, much more, but we made it!

This picture shows the most of Nectarine when I was holding her

Family brought much-needed coffee (and treats). Hospital coffee is basically dark warm water. 

Just as much love for our newest.

We did get visitors, we loved it, but getting less was not a bad thing. It gave a chance to rest and recover (and survive the scare we had when Nectarine had problems getting fluid out of her lungs).

I think Opa is looking more relaxed than last time

I sure hope he starting to unbend a bit. After all, this is his 9th grandchild. Show some love, man.

That was a bath? Not too bad after all!

Nectarine definitely got a lot less upset than Mango did. Whew.

Adjusting to the new family.

This is a favourite of mine. Feels good to have Mommy home.


  1. awww. i like that last picture too. everyone where they should be (including you behind the camera!) Tell D that i think she looks like a pro with two.

  2. lily wanted me to let you know that she is chomping on the bit to help out around there – i told her just to knock on your door after diving one day, but she’s too shy to do that – so make sure you take her up on it – send her an email, give her a call, whatever – she’s at diving until 5 most evenings and could easily swing by then to give an hour or two (of toddler help, cooking help, cleaning help etc – she’s up for anything). i expect that you have all the help you need at the moment, but keep her in mind once you are on your own again….

  3. Still having growing pains (groaning at awful pun). D is a trouper indeed. Family helps, in this case O offering her help and support wherever possible, and Grandma staying here and helping out daily-nay, hourly.

  4. Lily! Our favourite elf! Thanks for the unvoiced help. It makes me very happy to know you. Do not worry; we will be needing you. Mango is still full of energy, teething, and now having to share her mother’s time.

  5. Glad Nectarines is doing so well considering her initial lung issue.:-)

  6. I think that was just a way to squeeze in some attention before getting home and having to compete with Mango. 🙂

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