Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 10, 2011

Alphabetically speaking.

M – Well, we had an M (Mango), now we have an N too (Nectarine).

She decided to show up early, even so , she seemed to big enough. Mango was 8lb 1.6 oz, Nectarine was 10lb, 4.8 oz. D said that if he knew the head would be that big, she would have refused natural childbirth – that and she blames me for having an overlarge noggin. Since she was big, she ended up having fluid in her lungs and ended up being taken away for observation for 6 hours. Enough blathering, here are some pictures.

Tired but curious

Considering this was taken just over an hour after birth, she seems determined to see who her mother is. Very energetic from the start, it was difficult to swaddle her; even more to keep her that way. Plus the blankets were barely big enough.

Breaking free from her cloth cocoon

Still alert here, watching the fuzzy world around her.

Eyes open and feet sticking out

Only one thing managed to calm her down and let her relax enough to close her eyes long enough to get some sleep – Mommy D.

Mmm. Mommy hugs are the best.

It was a long day all around.

*Yaawwnn* I sure am tired.

There are many more pictures, but too many would get boring.

😀 Love, M


  1. We are so happy for you, SHE IS BEAUTIFUL – it must of been hard when they first took her away, O – had fluid in his lungs but they didn’t realize that till about 4 days later and he stopped breathing so good they took her right away and got her all checked out. I think ours was a result of being born c-section…… Happy for you and your new baby girl!!!! If you need anything let us know!!!! Get Lots of Rest!!!

  2. Great pictures!! She’s beautiful…..
    Hope you’re getting rest etc. Let me know if we can help – maybe with big M. Particularly after the live-in help goes home!!

  3. Nola – ours was stessful enough, thank you very much!

    Elburro – Thanks for the compliments and the offers. Smooth talker … too bad we don’t have loads of money 😉 (betting big M doesn’t mean me) 😦

  4. Congratultions on the newest addition and such a big addition. Good thing you have practice carrying big M around. maybe we can see his one sometime soon

  5. Thanks Rhonda. Big M is 30 lbs, Little N is 10 lbs. If we have to carry 10 lbs 3x more than the 30 lbs, it comes out pretty even. Not that is has reached that point yet. We are still land…um…home-locked, and while a house is larger than a condo, so is Mango’s energy.

  6. Beautiful and healthy 🙂

  7. Right now. Daycare = never-ending illnesses. which travel around the family.

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