Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 25, 2011

Wait up!

M – She is growing and changing so fast. A prime example is her insisting she is a Big Girl. Cribs are no longer a comfort zone for her. They are just confining.

Face down is most comfy, I guess.

The way she is sleeping there reminds me of the stories my father used to tell me about how my sister slept. Maybe it runs in the family. :p

Soon we will have to dismantle and move the crib out to assure her she really is a Big Girl. Besides, we’ll need it for someone else soon enough. Errant side thought – I still like the penguin nightlight she picked out for herself.

She has already figured out how to change the CD player/radio. That took about a minute. She can change stations and mess up the programming, but is working on how to do what she wants with it on purpose (she still loves music).

Stabbing at the controls at random

Our PS2 (DVD player) she knows how to operate. She presses all the right buttons, telling us with each step what colour button to push. Our only safety right now is she hasn’t seen me turn it on and she doesn’t know how to get to the auxiliary channel on the TV. Somehow I doubt that will stop her much longer.


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