Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 19, 2011

Too Fast.

M – Too fast to have the camera ready anyway. Also, some moments are more verbal and can’t really be captured visually.

A short list of things of ways we’ve seen her grow – without pictorial aids. Sorry.

  1. Able to ‘joke’ (‘green light go, red light stop’ is sometimes ‘green light stop, red light go’) – accompanied by giggles and expectant looks – over and over again.
  2. Understands pronouns better (you, me, etc.).  As in ‘daddy pick you me up’, ‘Mango me do it’, ‘mommy you carry me Mango’.
  3. Sentences are becoming more complete. Such as ‘Mango still eating’, ‘daddy not yet ready’, ‘I am here!’, ‘Mango is laughing’, ‘daddy chase me!’, ‘excuse me please’.
  4. In line with blossoming sentences, we are able to have actual (short and basic) conversations.
  5. (something she has been proficient for a long time but worth mentioning). Her memory is amazing. For example, she saw her two newly born cousins and were told their names – when asked who they were the next day, she said their names without problems. When we ask her where something is on a page (even from a book we borrowed a few days ago from the library), she points them out with barely a glance at the picture.
  6. Her incessant babbling includes her singing entire songs
  7. She knows some numbers and the order in which they progress (1, 2, 3, etc.)
  8. She has gone past showing/telling us where she has an ‘owie’ to informing us where she is itchy
  9. More I cannot recollect yet – and I think this picture-less post has bored you enough.

Thanks for humouring me and hopefully more pictures will be here soon.


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