Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 10, 2011

Breaking through

M – As mentioned in an earlier post, a side effect of Mango being sick is that she is now sleeping in a ‘Big Girl’s bed’ (for now). However, last night I heard a series of thumps. Not one to be alone, she had gotten out of bed, maneuvered our makeshift barrier out the way (a big box) …

Your puny box is no match for the great Mango!

… and slid down the stairs to get rocked by Mommy. It was all so quick and unexpected, that there was no time to take pictures. By the time there was, she was already ensconced in her mother’s arms and did not want to be bothered. Once again, another night with little sleep.

I didn't come down here for pictures, I want my mommy! Go away!

We bought a baby barrier the very same evening.


  1. Yeah we just had to put up our gate for C now that he crawls around.

  2. Crawls? She doesn’t stop long enough to walk, let alone crawl. However, her being in a bed leads to more. it’s been about a week and we are still adjusting (made worse by her ongoing teething).

  3. Brillant and cute she is!

  4. I don’t know about brilliant and cute. We think she is cute (and others have agreed – who knows what they really think). As for brilliant, she might just be stubborn. Cute now, rough later.

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