Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 8, 2011

Pushing through

M – Molars are coming in and Mango is feeling it. Didn’t have the heart to bombard a suffering sweetheart with cameras clicking and picture picking. Just one was enough.

I'm tired and I hurt. Please go away.

The nice part is that using some basic Sign Language, we had her pinpoint where she was hurting (had an owie).

The only positive note is that it had her using a ‘Big Girl bed’ (so we could lie down with her and comfort her).



  1. Poor baby. Give her an extra cuddle from us….

  2. Consider it done. I think she getting better. However, her sleeping pattern is still all messed up. Yaaawn. 😦

  3. Awh poor little cutie:-(

  4. Poor cutie – and parents; who spent many sleepless hours rocking her. 😦

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