Posted by: simplyscrambled | January 31, 2011


M – I cannot seem to keep up with posting here. It is hard enough just keeping up with Mango – and she just turned 2 about 3 weeks ago. So, here are some pictures.

She wanted an Elmo party, so while decorations were red and Elmo-ish, we had him pop in for a visit too (just the doll, of course)

Hi everybody, it's me, Elmo!


Elmo's here. Let the fun begin!

 She still loves dressing up – her favorite item right now are 2 scarves that are way too long. Even when folded in half.

A babushka in training

Even though I told her the flash on the camera was off, she still continued to cover her eyes – even 1/2 dozen tries later.

Can't go wrong with a good game of hide-and-go seek

Good thing it was warm last week. We spent many hours outside. Unfortunately, she wanted more of the same this week, even though it’s about 20 degrees colder (tomorrow the forecast calls for -32 degrees, -43 with wind chill). Note – temperature here is measured in Centigrade/Celcius.

Who moved the snow? Now I have to refill the whole walkway!

Well, enough for now, I am just trying to give you some glimpses into our (AKA Mango’s) world.



  1. Facing the elements for fun? Yay super girl!!

  2. Exciting for her, exhausting for me.

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