Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 13, 2011

Cooking up some fun.

M – As Mango’s birthday just passed (January 10th [there was a small party for her a day later]), we have more pictures than we can use. Unfortunately, some are in Cuba right now. However, we also gave her a present the day before, so we do have pictures of that too (those yellow things on her feet are D’s comfy sock/slipper thingies).

I think she suspects something. 🙂

 She walked by this a few times before really checking it out. See her narrowed eyes? No way a piece of wrapping paper will thwart her next year.

I think she likes her present.

Before I even managed to get all the paper off she already had a frying pan in her hand.

Checking out her very own kitchen utensils.

She was all over that kitchen like a (Pooh) bear with honey. Didn’t want to go out that day anymore.

Testing the buttons for the oven.

Very focussed on finding out how things worked.

Having some pretend cereal.

She really got into it, accepting the pretend food/drinks with nary a pause. Childhood can be a wonderful thing.

Serving up some coffee to D.

A good host always serves their guest first.

I do believe I would like some also, if you please.

The cute part about her having some ‘coffee’ is that she blew on it first, as she knew it was a hot drink.

Some days it is easy to forget that she is just barely 2 years old.



  1. Hi Mango

    We’d like 3 batches of pancakes and some bacon, my mom would like some coffee, prefably cinnamon hazelnut, and a pizza would be great for our daddy

    XOXOXOXO Jackson, Hudson, and Oliver

  2. Umm. Slight problem here. You do realize I have only had a few hours experience right? I need a week to know enough to whip that up for you. Right now all I can make is coffee – and there is pizza, but it tastes like plastic.

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