Posted by: simplyscrambled | December 19, 2010

Who’s there?

M – She continues to change (as a person) rapidly. As the days go by, we rarely get enough pictures, as what she does once, she continues to do so enough that it rapidly is no longer a new quirk of hers. Also, it is hard to always have the camera ready at that precise moment. She is past the stage of enjoying her picture being taken. Ironically, she loves looking at pictures of herself. Problem is, it’s sort of hard to have without the other. However, it certainly is fun watching her dress up (unless we are in a rush in the morning). While still incredibly cute, we are less easily swayed by her sweet innocence – especially when it is staged. She is getting smarter though. I asked her where her essential green blanket was (after walking throughout the main and second floors of the house) and she told me it was downstairs (we had been there about 1/2 hour previously. She then asked for her baby puppy (doll) (it is smaller than my hand). So, I followed the route throughout the house again, as I knew we had it when looking for her blanket. After that tiring trek, she showed it to me – she had it in her hand the entire time. She got to stay up an extra 15 minutes, as I had to trek up and down way too many stairs. Sometimes it is hard to remember she isn’t even 2 years old yet.

Enough jabbering/ranting. Here are pictures.

The toque she got from Auntie J. back in January 2009…

Small toque in a small bassinet


A baby's hat on a Big Girl's head

Smiling like this for the camera on purpose. 🙂

Better to enjoy the moments than to miss the past.



  1. Well I would expect no less from a child of yours than to be able to finesse 15 extra minutes at bedtime! Hilarious!

  2. True, except that I am the one doing the finessing. I Mean., uh no, no-one in our family would do something like that… *blush*

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