Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 11, 2010

Snack time!

M – Hi. Just had put in a picture or two of her getting a special treat – right before supper too! Peas and corn. The odd part is that she was enjoying them straight out of the freezer. Her choice, not ours (I tried them, and they actually aren’t all that bad…). She was so excited when she was allowed to have another serving that she was hopping up and down (not actually off the floor yet) while waving her hands in the air. I remember her liking carrots when she was just starting food. That changed to squash after a while. Now this. I wonder how long we’ll remain lucky.

Just so you can see that those are actual peas and corn in her snack bowl.

 Yep, eating frozen vegetables in her snack bowl while sitting in her purple (snack) chair while waiting for her real supper to be heated up (it was stuffed chicken with rice and peas and corn).

She had two bowls of her snack and still finished her supper.

I’ll miss this Mango. 😦 … at least we have this blog as proof she did love veggies.


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