Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | December 8, 2010


M – These are just some pictures to fill in those long gaps between posts. Surprisingly, some people seem to follow them. Isn’t family great? So supportive and caring and more…

Here she is enjoying her Santa hat, (well, she enjoys almost any headgear right now), rushing over to see herself in the camera after each picture was taken. Well, at least does seem to be over the latest ‘bug’, as she is no longer quiet and listless, she is back to babbling all day and running from place to place (I guess walking from the living room to the kitchen takes too long).

Almost ready for my Santa pictures

A new *cough* Santa in the making.


We were at a mall recently and saw a realistic-ish Santa with children on his lap getting their picture. We asked her if she wanted a picture with Santa too, she almost nodded her head, but changed it to  a negative shake and a simple ‘no’. So much for that. Still the month is young and who knows what pictures will have been taken by then, right?

I have yet to figure her out. I do plan to watch her grow and change (right now it is almost on a daily basis).



  1. Super cute!

  2. She gets it from the other half (not that I am complaining or anything ;))

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