Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 29, 2010

Hurry up already.

M – We are still all sick, but the end is nearing. All of us are back to eating solid food and hopefully tomorrow Mango will be able to go back to daycare. Either way, we appreciate the help we got today (and maybe tomorrow afternoon :))

Some non-sick pix.

A new toy - an empty box!

She carefully removed all her stuffed toys from her storage bin to this empty computer box. When she dropped a toy, she went back to get it before getting more. When do, she satisfactorily exclaimed ”there, all in!”.  

Recently emptied bin now a vessel for the imagination.

 We survived another wave of sickness (with family help). Let’s hope we’re done for a while.



  1. Sounds you’re family had it rough!! Sounds like you al have filled your quota of sickness for the winter already! How did Gary take you being off sick. The usual response?:-)

  2. Quota filled? Somehow I doubt it, as children seem to pick up illnesses from other children (at daycare in this case) and dutifully bring them home to share with everyone.

  3. Well daycare is known for sharing and viruses are no exception.:-) Hope Mango keeps well as long as possible then!

  4. We’ve been told us that we would barely survive the first two years (not quite in those words). Also stressed was that ‘this is normal’, as it is a *cough* healthy way to build her immune system. Great. What about those who have to suffer along with her?

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