Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | November 24, 2010

In sickness and in health…

M – *side note ~ I accidently two of the same picture in here this first time; that has been remedied (blame it on me being sick too)*

 I was going to post about the fun Mango has been having. While this may be true, it is tempered by the fact she was sick for a number of days. Last time I remembered her being this sick was back when we lived in the condo and she would lie in one position for hours and hours. A quick side note – Some family came from out-of-town just when she started getting more sick – luckily for us, not so for them(by the way, great timing – and thanks). This time she threw up enough times to ‘baptize’ everyone and have us scrambling with laundry to keep enough blankets and assorted tops to keep up with her. The only reason I took some pictures was for this post ( she looked at me with such pitiful eyes every time I did, making me feel extremely guilty). Every time she drank anything, it would make her throw up again. Still, it did not stop her from politely asking for another drink, although she somehow refused to swallow any Pediolyte, flavoured or not.

Getting a much needed back rub

Doting mother, lethargic child


Add 24 hours; still suffering

One thing that was strikingly different was that she walked ( not ran) anywhere she went. In addition, I think she spoke less than a paragraph in two days – this from a child who never stops. Normally she babbles non-stop. Y’know, bits of the alphabet song, disparate words strung together into nonsensical sentences, something, anything. Point is she never stops – except when sick. Strange how one misses it. We are the ones surviving it now (although I am feeling almost normal).

Just to give an example, here she is, wearing an impromptu hat.

Does the colour complement the heart on my shirt?

 For her, she back to enjoying life – as she should. Slowly though, as just 2 days ago she had a fever of 103, concerning enough to call Health Links (a 24 hour call centre regarding medical issues). Starting to eat a bit more today *crosses fingers*, but still asking to go to bed after being up about 3 hours.


  1. I always used that change in energy to note Aidan being really sick and knowing it was not going to be a pass in a day or two. I also hated that pitiful look.. made me feel like I wasnt trying or I missed something. Funniest was Aidan hated using a “bucket” so he would always push it at the last second and get me. lol

  2. Yeah. Somehow the real misery seeps through those usual crocodile tears. With us, it sort of began with her throwing up on the car seat (3 times in succession, and all just as we were entering our garage). She got better after a few days, then a 2nd bout of something hit. Hard. Everyone had laundry to do for a while there.

  3. Awwwwwwh poor little boo boo!! Michael she is so super cute too!!

  4. Well, the cuteness comes from D, as does her (mostly) positive personality.

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