Posted by: simplyscrambled | October 23, 2010

Lost and ‘amaized’

M – To clarify, maize is also known as corn.

As last year, we did something to pumpkins this year. Last time it was a roadside stand with almost anything one could want related to pumpkins. This year we went to a corn maze. Included was a petting zoo. Although there was the maze, Mango’s primary fun came from the petting area. She was introduced to foals, piglets, kids, rabbits, lambs, kittens, chickens, and a reclusive turkey. Fun fun. Here are some random-ish pictures.

Wow! A real animal that's not a cat (or a puppy)!

Don't worry mommy, you're safe with me.

Don't worry, you can pet it AFTER I do.

Also, for a bit more money, a pony-drawn cart ride (the  ‘cart’ was a wheeled platform on which about 20 people sat on) was included. As we were all on it, we didn’t get pictures of the ride, just one of a pony.

Yawn. Beats plowing fields though.

 There was also a barn full of pumpkin stuff. 

OooOoo. Fear my wrath!

 We only made out into the corn briefly as Mango was reaching her limit and needed to get home before all joy was sucked out of the experience.

Is this the way in daddy?

A great way to end the day.

Maze? Uh oh. I sure hope we find the car.



  1. OOhh look at that weather. Always nice to get out the last few good days of the year. Our fav part was the pyramid. The kids had to be dragged off for the weiner roast. Glad ya’ll had fun

  2. Yeah well, we didn’t actually get on there, as the bales were prickly and she is a bit short. Still had lots of fun though.

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