Posted by: simplyscrambled | October 18, 2010


M – That title could open a whole can of worms. However, I refuse to be  pinned by sweeping rationalizations and get caught up into an esoteric debate (nature vs. nurture, person-in-environment, etc.). While debates such as that can be interesting, my idea when setting up this blog was to have a more concrete focus here on OUR lives (and those around us).

Looking back, we are still a family first.

We expose Mango to as much as we can. That’s it. From there, she can choose what she likes enough to further her exploration into.  A brief overview of our home life reveals to me that while she loves to rough-house, she prefers to play in an organized manner (parents included). One really strange thing we noticed is that also enjoys being tickled (sometimes she comes up to one of us as says ‘tiggle Mango’ before running away), to the point where she stops and looks back to make sure someone is chasing her – she likes getting caught and giggling all the while being tickled. Other times, she stands and stays in front of us while holding up her shirt, she waits until we oblige her, whereupon she squeals and writhes out of reach. That done, she comes back and repeats ‘tiggle Mango!’.

Our girl Mango loves to push HER stroller around (after cramming 3-4 dolls and 1-2 blankets into it). She lines up her clean diapers. She often put her mega blocks away after playing with them. She makes a house out of blocks for her small puppy doll. I don’t know if it is innate to her, but we do encourage her manners, reminding her to say please/thank you.

She likes dressing up (especially with a hat SHE has to put on and carries her green blanket everywhere (I remember her not caring which blanket she had, as long as it was a blanket, but times change). Add a pair of sunglasses and she says “big mirror” (one on a wall).

Just today (18th) she pushed towards sitting on a regular (adult chair), which we did, there were no messes or havoc wreaked.  Still, no rush there. We are continuing to reinforce that while she may be done her meal, others may not be, meaning she has to play by herself.

Lookit me! No baby here.

Still not a fan of TV. If we have it on, she watches for a few moments and then turns away to do her stuff ( although she has been sucked in a few times ( once for a sports event, strangely (football)), on occasion for ‘splash’ – more accurately known as ‘Wipeout’. Still, if given the choice, she picks the temperature channel.



  1. what is that on her plate?????

    our guesses include:
    hard boiled egg
    cheese inside a wrap
    egg wrap

  2. Good guesses. Of course they covered a broad spectrum. Not eggs though 🙂
    She’s eating perogies. Cheese perogies. A week ago she refused to eat them & a week before that she loved them. Go figure.

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