Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 29, 2010

A favor disguised.

M – Recently we were asked to assist someone. She was here for a week and helped us more than we did her (thanks L.K.). After all, lending someone a set of keys is easy. However, lending one’s time is much harder. She attempted to ease our load while here. She did so. Successfully. However, as she is camera-shy (possibly from living in a photographic family frenzy), little can be seen of her. The one good picture I got of her, D erased. She gave a reason along the lines of her hair being too frizzy or having had too long a day or something like that. :p 

Mmm. Muffin goodness.


That picture shows her fingers as she was letting Mango have some of her wholesome muffin. That’s all I have even though she was here for a week. At any rate, thanks for coming any trying so hard to help. Feel free to come back and shingle our roof any day (just kidding, of course). 

Well, more random pictures of our life, starring Mango. She seems to be musically inclined. She tends to tends to ‘dance’ to music (move from one foot to the other) whenever she can. She even enjoys the weather channel. After all, while the story is boring (just weather), it plays music all the time. I just found out that she even likes music in the car. I had it on once – briefly – and since then always says ‘music!’ every time we get in the car. 

The 'Elton' Mango getting out her drum.


And a one, and a two, heeere we go!


I feel a rhythm, I feel a beat...


And, a special treat, I will play the spoons too!


Side note – in the last picture she is not sweating from her tiring performance, she just has a runny nose. Noise-making aside, she is warbling out mangled bits of the alphabet song (a-b-c-d-efg, l-mno-p, r-s-t-uv-w-x). While she is working on it, she has yet to get more than 7 letters in without taking a break. Although I do hear her saying bits quietly to herself while doing other things, such as playing with her blocks, running in circles, trying to climb up her high-chair, etc.



  1. …a set of electric drums for Xmas??? …with head phones, of course, what did you think?!?

  2. Umm … can they be left at the gift-givers house for when Mango visits? 😀
    She has yet to reach 21 months, but music seems to be woven into her. She is babbling bits of ‘Rock-a-bye-baby’ to herself already.

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