Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 21, 2010

Nothing changes.

M – When I say that nothing changes, I refer to the way everything around me is in a stat of flux, primarily due to our girl. Every day introduces us to a new Mango, so having changes around here is nothing new.  

Now, more miscellaneous pictures. With life being the way it is, I figured unorganized pictures are still better than none. By the time I get them organized enough, she has already passed the stage/situation I wanted to post.  

Here she is looking for the cat under our couch, oblivious to the fact she is not wearing anything.  

Heeeere kitty, kitty. I just want to pet you...


She couldn’t reach far enough under (although she did end up lying on the carpet trying). When it finally did come out, she exclaimed loudly “Go Down! GO!” (the cat spends the night in the basement to avoid us finding unexpected messes later).  

For some reason, although she used to hate hats and rip them off before we even managed to get them fully on, she now loves them to the point she puts them on and wears then around the house.  

Look world! Play-Doh! Yay!


She really enjoys the playing with the stuff (not surprisingly), even though we don’t let her play with it unless she is sitting at her table. She is a sneaky girl though, because she gets around this rule by holding  up a piece at random and informing whomever is there with her that she has to go show it to the other parent. Begrudgingly we let her, with the provision she goes straight there and back. So far she still does.   

Going to work is fun ... until you HAVE to.


 She put her hat on by herself, put her teddy bear in the ‘purse’, as well as a puppy (upside down) wearing a diaper (which she also helped put on). After everything was eady, she walked to the door, saying “bye bye, see you morrow” (she hears it every afternoon when leaving daycare). Too cute. Strange, but cute. 

Still, she continues to test the boundaries, as she recently stepped on the neighbour’s lawn. I reminded her that we do not do that without permission. She came back. However, she did put her foot back on the lawn briefly, with a smile on her face as she looked at me. Some days I fear for the future, as it looks like she has a stubborn and defiant streak in her. While D says she gets that from me, I continue to hold my ground and deny it. So there.  

Oh. One last item to mention. Another thing that never changes is that we love her dearly. Even when frustrated. 🙂


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