Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 11, 2010

By the numbers

M – Mango was born January 10th 2009. So, let’s see. As of September 10th (at 22:00 hours), 2010, Mango became 1 year, 8 months old = 1 2/3 years = 20 months = 607 days (I think).

By now, she is growing so fast (both verbally [presumably mentally as well] as well as physically [including dexterity]). While she does have some days where she is more stubborn, for the most part she is still quite accommodating. She still tells us (usually upon asking, although she does occasionally tell us without prompting) when she is ready to go to bed (that and having a bath). She LOVES to go shopping, which mainly consists of her running up and down mall aisles with one of us monitoring, giving the other 10 or so minutes to squeeze in some real shopping. Even before getting into the mall, she exclaims ‘run, run, run!’ I bring this up because she is now aware enough that she both tells and signs to us that she is ready to go home. About a week ago I starting making an ad hoc list of words she knows. After 200, I gave it up as a losing enterprise. At last count, she had over 220 words, at least 30 of which she understands and could sign (mostly). Some of the more unusual ones she knows is ‘pterodactyl’ (dactyl), ‘lime’ (seeing as we don’t have any in the house and she doesn’t really watch TV), and ‘knackers (and/or knackered)’ (it is an old term related to horse slaughter-houses – don’t ask – thanks Jill) :p.

 I wonder what life will bring us next year. In the mean time I promise to put out some more posts here and putter with a purpose at home. More pictures will come. Now however, I am off to bed.


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