Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | September 6, 2010

Just because

M – This post has no deep thoughts underlying it, it is just because I am somewhat slow in putting out new posts. Every time I start a new one, Mango has already leapfrogged onto (or past) something new I could/should write about. One minor consolation is that while I am certainly behind, our resident scrapbooker is even more so (she has yet to finish Mango’s 1st year of life. True, work combined with simultaneous schooling hasn’t helped, nor has the lack of space (there is a room true, but it is right beside Mango’s, and she sleeps extremely lightly. The floors creak and creating pages is not the quietest process either. Anyway…

Okay, stick out tongue, lean towards ice cream...

That was the first time she has ice cream in  a cone. Before she finished the cone, she found out someone would scoop out the ice cream for her, saving having to eat the cone too.

Everyone in!

In that picture, she had just gotten a toy stroller. So, rather than comfort, she crammed as many dolls into it as possible. While meant for one, she hs gotten 4 or more in it at once. then she just zips around the main floor in circles, with a smile on her face. maybe she’ll grow up to be in the airline industry (just kidding).

For now, yogurt with a fruit puree swirl still trumps ice cream.

Still, she likes yogurt. Daily. Maybe the coolness helps with teething (I doubt it though, as she always seemed to like it, since the first time we gave her some). Seems she got it from me, as D loathes the stuff. I think it good to like the healthy stuff.

No shame here. What's not to love about my figure?

We don’t know why, but she has even shown other people at playgrounds (and other public places, such as malls, etc.) her belly. Just walks around and lifts up her shirt. Now that she speaks more, when she lifts up her shirt front, she proudly proclaims, “NAKED!”. Strange girl – I am sure she gets it from D. I am too shy for that.

Embodying the 'Elton John' superstar look.

She used to hate sun glasses, but now wears them (for a few seconds anyway). She is nice enough to share, trying to shove them (upside down) into our faces, as well as that of her monkey doll, baby doll, and more.

As usual, there are more pictures, but this has taken up 2+ hours already. Good thing I wasn’t trying to write anything profound, eh? 😉


  1. Aiadn did the naked thing too and Everywhere. Lots of laughs when the older folk just took it in stride but young adults gasped in shock LOL

  2. Yeah. This new generation bares all I guess. I know I wouldn’t want to show MY belly.

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