Posted by: simplyscrambled | August 22, 2010

A flavourful life.

M – While this is not related to the post, I wanted to add it before I forgot – there isn’t enough to make a full post of it. In less than a year, our Mango is now the child we saw looking at babies instead of the one being looked at. Where did it go? We enjoyed the moments but looked forward to new experiences. She has become a (relatively) independent person. Sigh.   

Now, on to the real post. Mango ‘helped’ making cookies a short while ago. She had fun, and so did her grandmother. Little more can be said, and as ‘a picture is worth a thousand words’, there wouldn’t be room anyway (except that the matching outfits were a coincidence).    

Lookit me, I helping gramma!

 Now, after helping with the pre-mixing, ingredients are added.    

Lookit me, I'm pouring!

  So, oats were added.    

Watching blending. How exciting.

 Of course, more blending was involved. ‘Gramma’ explained each step and Mango looked on with wide eyes every time. Mango did hold the blender a few times to ‘help’ out (without messes, I am happy to add).    

Adding the EXACT amount of chocolate chips.

 Now, time to stir it all together. She was serious about helping. Even when one missed the bowl and landed on the counter, she conscientiously put the chip back. 

Gramma, we're missing one!

 Well, she finally did try some batter, and loved the cookies afterwards too.     

Finally, the tentative taste test

 All in all, just another day in the kitchen. One that happened to be packed full of new experiences.



  1. Blockbuster Bowl! Love it

  2. The irony. Don’t know how to blur the name out though. 🙂

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