Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 18, 2010

Break-fast & home-work

M – Just a quick update on life before I forget too much. News is breaking fast here, every day Mango seems to know so much more. A short while ago she was up to the number 5 in counting, yesterday she broke the number 10 mark (she made it to 11). A few days ago she made it up to 9, but made mistakes (1,2,3,4,4,6,7,8,9). See how fast things go here? She enjoys sitting on her potty, having books read to her, although she has yet to time things correctly (as in, not actually used yet).  She is enjoying the baby stroller she got as a gift recently, pushing 5 or 6 dolls/toys around the house at once. She can corner at pretty high speeds. 🙂 Still running and talking nonstop, regardless of if we are part of her babbly conversation. Starting to put crayon line on walls. However, she is still a clean freak regarding herself. When eating toast with butter, we just keep a damp cloth on her tray, as after every bite, she is ‘messy!’ More than ever, she is parroting everything, it seems she is learning new words (and signs) every time we turn around or stop to take a breath. Whew. Have to be more careful now too, as she understands most of what we say…

Now, in no particular order, stuff going on in our life not directly related to Mango. One room in our house has been painted. Our lobby has been drywalled and painted. We finally have a new garbage disposal unit – which makes me happy (D cooks, I clean – although to be fair, she helps more with the cleaning than I do with the cooking. Thanks D). The last one died about a week after moving in, so I’d be scooping out gunk from the sink pipe every day. Blech. Went shopping for couches recently (not much luck). Great deal of wallpaper removed, as well as some drywall screwholder thingies. Bought a new computer, but the box still needs to be opened never mind actually setting it up.

Did get more pictures on computer though, so I’ll try to post something more interesting next time. Our baby is morphing into a toddler (although she tends to run everywhere, all the time – haven’t figured out the rush yet, as I just want to be able to slow down sometimes.) 🙂

Hugs and happiness to all.

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