Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | August 15, 2010

Time and Space.

NOW can I play in the water?

Enjoying the water.

M – Rarely  have I found the two to coincide recently. Odds are, (and we’ve been told/warned as much), it’ll be like this for years to come. I have a hard time with one. I see people with four and it sends shivers down my spine. 

Sprouting more teeth, our Mango repeats everything we say (albeit Mango-fied). Of course, we still have to piece the puzzle together to figure out what she meant to convey. Here are some of the latest for you: Wacko = wanna go, Dath out-thide (while pointing at a window = it’s dark outside, etc. Still polite (mostly), she continues to be a neat freak. I’ve been told she almost needs a cloth on her high chair to wipe her hands off every single time she has a messy fruit. Waving her hand and stating to the world – MESSY! She has had a change to finally try a fudgesicle. While she was trepidatious at first, she soon started inhaling it, relatively neatly. When it got too soft, she had someone hold it for her while she nibbled the side of it.   

Careful, don't want to dribble some on my bib. Yummy!

Alright. It's getting too soft. Who wants to hold my ice cream?

 Anyway, we are enjoying the summer (excluding mosquitoes) and having fun with out water island thingy. She likes that, but loves her water table. She certainly knows the signs for that. Back to loving walks and stroller rides, I was told today that she ran all the way to the end of the street and back (true, 12 houses one way and 12 back only totals 24, but don’t forget, she is only 19 months old). 

There are so many things to update on this blog, it’ll have to spill over into some more posts. Sorry.

– M


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