Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 30, 2010

Screaming for more

M – We never seem to have time. When time is made, we spend so much time enjoying it, we often forget to take pictures. For a change, our camera was remembered – and used. ‘Eye-eem’ seems to be a hit, (although it is just young rendition of ice cream) and she definitely enjoyed our short trip out tonight. She downed some pretty big mouthfuls there. 🙂 Surprisingly, she did not need a bib, as somehow she got almost all of her spoonfuls in her mouth. As I type this, we are waiting for her slow down a bit, because she is over-tired and needing some sleep (she’s in denial though). 

Watching how it is done.

My turn!

Hey! This tastes good too!

 For the most part, she ate the ice cream all by herself, even if the spoon was way too long for her. 

Sucking the spoon dry.

I would feel remiss in not mentioning she was recently treated to gelati – which she loved in any/every flavour she tried, which included amaretto, lime (sort of), mango, and more. Thanks O & O. 

Having just put her to bed, I had a side thought of which there is no relevance to this post. Ba-ba-be-oo = I love you too (her answer to us assuring her we love her – which we do every night when putting her to bed).



  1. …glad you THREE enjoy ice cream outings…in this heat it is a welcomed treat,for sure…

  2. Yeah. Having an outing is nice enough, but when you add ice cream, mmm-yum.

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