Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | July 18, 2010

Water + sugar = ?

M – Mango had so much fun today she stayed awake over an hour later than usual (and I still heard her babbling in bed until about 9:45-ish). Maybe it was the extra sugar in her big cookie, maybe she overdosed on pumpernickel bread (don’t ask), maybe she just didn’t want the day to end. There was a family gathering that was full of energy and people.  Someone gave her a gift of a bubble-maker which was attached to a whistle. She was shown how to use it there (blow, blow!), but she is only 18 months old, so I was not surprised that she just watched. Ironically, on the way home she decided to display her sudden expertise in our small car. Not surprisingly, those whistles are loud! She was also taught how to use a water-squirter. She enjoyed many things, not least of which was squeezing water-laden balls to her chest (up to 5 at once), causing water to shower both on and around her as she smiled blissfully.  

Yay! Bubbles! I got one...almost.

More, more!

A summer day packed with memories.



  1. Fun. The kids here got a giant bubble machine a few weeks ago and they love it–so does the dog who tries to eat the bubbles.

  2. Bubbles seem to be fun for children of all ages. Even the adult ones. 😉
    A GIANT bubble machine would make Mango estatic.

  3. …nice pics (with bubbles) of your neighbourhood…

  4. …if you want the pics of the three of you in front of your house, get A.S. to send them to you…hope you have her work e-mail address…it is the quickest way to get her to respond to you…but please keep it short…they monitor her e-mail activities (private versa work related!)…

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