Posted by: simplyscrambled | July 16, 2010


Family visited and we actually got pictures taken of the three of us in front of our house. Of course, I was a bad tour guide of our abode, but we nonetheless had a good time. Mango seemed to really like the Amaretto gelatti later, keeping her going until we returned home, whereupon she promptly crashed. When asked, she even agreed that it was bedtime for her.

Just waiting for copies of pictures so they can be added here (that and I don’t have the energy to find more of our own pictures, copy them, paste them, etc. on our older. slower computer.)

Hopefully soonish another post will be added here, as always with pictures of Mango



  1. ….yes, a good time was had by all…
    it is so nice when family can get together…
    and it is not happening often enough, I think!!

  2. Very true. While I hate pictures of me, in general they are nice ways to remember the fun moments gone by.

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