Posted by: simplyscrambled | July 8, 2010

Sitting around.

Ahh. Just the right height for sitting.

M – There are so many different things swirling around us right now that it is hard to have a post on a single topic. Mango is adjusting to her new life well, loving the stairs we didn’t have where we lived before. Aside from scampering up and down, (she only tumbled down once, and that was only 2 or 3 steps onto carpet) she seems to just revel in them being there.  

Local watering hole

Finally, as she is getting older, she is doing more stuff by herself, whether we want her to or not.

I can do it. Give me my space!



  1. bet you didn’t know until now how much fun stairs can be…what stairs can be there for…and what kind of entertainment they have to offer…it could be called a new game as in: “In how many different ways can a staircase be used?!” Well, keep counting!

  2. *laughing* Good point. We won’t count the ways they shouldn’t be used, right? Like – as a way to fall too far to fast, as a waterslide, an extra storage space, etc. :p

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