Posted by: simplyscrambled | July 1, 2010

Our Canada Day.

M – As holidays go,  it was nice to get one. However, the morning was spent packing. D and Mango left long ago to visit family who miss them dearly. As I type this out, I am all alone in our house (except for our cat), so it feels strange. Having time gave me more of a chance to think about what D brought to my attention before she left. Looking back over how our lives have changed over the years, when we look forward, what is our 2nd step? After all, we met more than a decade ago, dated for over 7 years, got married, moved, had a child, moved again. What’s next? In the meantime, we are enjoying the times we have, as evidenced by some pictures here. 

Fueling up for another hard day of play.

When can I swim? How hard can it be?

Another busy day full of fun.

Interestingly enough, when I look at the last picture there, it made me think about putting Mango to bed. Some nights when we ask her if it is bed time, she says ‘yeth’ (yes) with certainty. Other nights she says ‘noe’ (no), but then stops playing and runs into our arms, saying ‘uppeas’ (up please). Even if she wants to stay awake, when we take her up, she is usually quiet in her crib before we even make it back downstairs.

Happy Canada Day everyone. 🙂



  1. Yes, what is next?! Live and enjoy what you have?!…

  2. Well, it is hard enough to even plan ahead for each upcoming week, especially with adjusting to a new (for us) home.
    What would you recommend, other than enjoying life and all it’s experiences?

  3. A starting point is to enjoy life in your new surroundings and to adjust to living in a house with all what it entails, from maintenance to revelling in the spacious home environment, the freedom Mango has gained because of it and your friendly neighbours!!
    Besides that may be keeping your eyes peeled for a job change, being on the look out for a less stressful occupation but still a full-time job in your field of experties, in the field of SW, but not being on the go thru-out the city all day long in all adverse weather conditions…?? How does that sound?!?

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