Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | June 12, 2010


M – Mango is developing faster than it feels I can keep up with. She filled the openness of our new house before our first week here was over. one of her sources of amusement is running laps around the house. Living area into kitchen, into hall space, to entranceway, back to the main area. I get tired just watching.

However, her language skills are improving, if you know how to read her verbal nuances. ‘Dat’ is that, ‘dath’ is one way of saying yes, ‘dact’ is Pterodactyl, ‘juic’  is juice, ‘juiz’ is yes, ‘noo’ means no, ‘nax’ is snacks, ‘bood’ is bird, ‘owwee’ means whee, ‘babababa’ translates into butterfly. There are many more, but you get the idea. Unless you understand the context of the situation, it can be difficult to keep up in a conversation with her. One thing we found particularly difficult to explain was pictures of her. If we called them pictures of Mango, she would call them Mango (not ‘me’). If we said they were pictures of her (you), she would point out ‘you’ in every one of her pictures. Pointing between her and the pictures saying ‘me’ was of no help either. Right now she sees pictures of  herself and says ‘you-me’. Hmm. Any ideas?

No pictures here because it was hard (and not very safe) juggling her and the camera to get a shot of her frowning at us (while trying figure out what the difference was between you and me in a picture) and trying to copy us…

A positive side note. She is getting quite good and understanding basic signing, and better at using some basic words. Ironically, we were told about how she kept signing ‘more’ to our afternoon babysitter (relative) and seemed to get frustrated when she wasn’t understood.


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