Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | May 31, 2010

Moving and Rocking our World.

M – Well, we are settling into our new house, Mango is reveling in the increased space. A two bedroom condo is a far cry from a four bedroom house. I/we are trying hard to get caught up in the photo department. It looks like there will be some sparse months for the scrapbooker of the house. Just starting to catch up with taking pictures. I blame our move, since I just found our camera. Really. I still haven’t found my sandals and it is the middle of summer. Found our winter wear though. While I have heard of children that are not active, it is not something we know of personally. Mango never stops babbling (sometimes using actual words), running everywhere, climbing up and down our stairs, and much more. Mango is a little parrot too, repeating many things we say now. Strangely enough, she also seems to know words I don’t remember her being taught,  and is beginning to explore the outside world on her own (we watch as she runs all over our yard). Right now she loves collecting rocks. Oddly enough, she hates to get dirty. It is funny to see her after she trips and tries to get up without using her hands. Even on our walkway, which has her walking on some of the many elm seeds, which are very sticky. She grabs a handful (always in the dark, damp corners, then turns around and proffers her hand saying ‘yucky!’. When you wipe her hand clean, she does it all over again.

Why are these seeds so dirty? Aah! My hands are almost touching nature!

Oh, in addition, she loves collecting rocks right now. Unfortunately, most are just under our neighbour’s fence, so she has to squat down and reach under. We’ll have to put them back soon, as they were put there to weigh down their plastic covering which is keeping weeds out of their flower beds.

Wow! This is my biggest rock yet!

Like my rock cache?


  1. Mango, don’t show J+H+O those rocks, they will steal them from you

  2. lol. I’m sure she’d find enough in other yards to share. 🙂

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