Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 25, 2010


M – My guilt is kicking in again, so here is a brief update on what is happening with us. Some are more mundane than others, but all have an impact on our lives.

1) Mango is teething (as is obvious, as she is 15 1/2 months old. 2) We are moving from a 2 bedroom domicile into a 4 bedroom. 3) Mango is sick – she projectile vomited at daycare last Thursday, all over herself and the person holding her (she had to have a bath to get clean [Mango, not the worker]). 4) My medical difficulties are temporarily worse. 5) The cat is less skittish around Mango (and we have pictures to prove it). 6) We are moving – reiterated as it takes a lot of time and effort in many different areas. 7) I lost my cell phone (which was finally replaced [at a cost, of course] yesterday) – naturally all my numbers were on there, so I have to rebuild all my contacts and their information. D will be taking university courses over the summer – at least one will be in the evening, disrupting Mango’s routine for going to sleep (and my sanity). 8) Other items not mentioned here. It is a darn good thing we have so much support. Thanks again to those in our corner.

We are worn out – physically, mentally, emotionally, and monetarily, and it will get worse before it gets better. If I see daylight while not either working or running an errand before winter comes around again, it will be a nice bonus.

So, no pictures now, as I have some posts I have yet to put on here, and the information is so old that it may not even be worth it. If so, sorry P, O & O, and everyone else.



  1. sounds like quite the grind right now….i feel for you guys…but also sounds like you know it’s temporary(ish) and that there will be light at the end of the tunnel…yay team d and m!

  2. …rough time right now, yet things will get better…once your moved into your new, more spacious home environment there will be some releave felt…hang in!!

  3. Sorry about the need to move but better now with all that daylight and good luck not needing a trip to Montreal. Best from the D’s here and to

  4. I will lose some freedom, but Mango will get more. Guess who wins? Everything feels very rushed and that we are finding yet one more thing needing to get done ASAP.

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