Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 18, 2010

Winter blues?

M – Now I know it is no longer winter here. However, there are some pictures we found that I wanted to add here. Thus, the long-delayed post on a winter outing. Just wish there was more time to collect everything (words and pictures) in which I could enter a post on a more regular basis.

This was one of the last few days of our winter (while it was still white), so it was warm enough to take Mango on a few of the walks she so loves. We have an informal ‘rule’ where we didn’t take her out if it was below -10 degrees centigrade. She hated the winter – unless we were out there in it.

Aaah. This is nice

 While we are urbanites, she is a definite lover of everything outdoors. Makes me wonder where she got it from. Hmm.

It's not time to go inside yet, is it?

 Well, we’ll see how this summer treats us. I’m sure exercise will be forced upon us – all in the name of love. Going to parks, playing in the grass, taking long walks, exploring everything…



  1. …soon your backyard will be Mango’s playground…she can then tire herself out on her own and have fun while doing so…I can envision a sandbox and swingset in your yard in the near future…let the fun and games begin…summer is just around the corner…

  2. Good thing the back yard has a high fence. 🙂
    Besides, there is a nice front yard and some parks nearby. I envision exercise. Lots of it. 🙂

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