Posted by: simplyscrambled | April 11, 2010

Commitment Issues

M – Just to let everyone know that we are a bit busy and postings are falling behind – although someone is *discreet cough* not helping by not adding any posts at all.

While it is true I am a  bit sick, the majority of the problem that I have is while there is usually time to add my pondering post in the family room, there is less time to add pictures. The only computer that accepts our camera memory cards is in the same room where Mango is meant to sleep. I feel guilty for not adding pictures to my thoughts, as they are usually inspired by something she does.

So, even if nothing is added, don’t worry, our life is still fun of fun and strange stuff. She is learning more daily and … whew …



  1. …growing up seems to happen over night… one minute they are needing a bottle the next minute they are comfortable with sippy-cups already!! Wow how fast the baby stage becomes a thing of the past…the toddler stage is already in progress!! Enjoy every stage of Mango’s growing up progress to the fullest. Once a stage is passed it will never come back, so enjoy every moment to the fullest!! (For example: the cuddly-baby-stage is gone for good and will not return!) Mango is a joy and don’t forget it!!

  2. She certainly is a joy. A never-ending bundle of ‘joy’. Still, I am thankful that she lets us make so many mistakes so genially.

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