Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 21, 2010


M – Again, there has been little time to take pictures (especially without feeling guilty) of our Mango. She has suffered primarily for the past 3 days, but has been hurting for about a week now. Instead of looking at you and smiling/giggling, her facial expression barely changes – even though her eyes still follow everything. Here’s hoping for a good week, thankful for all the help we get. However instead of crying for long, she just leans her head on the shoulder of whomever is holding her. Considering how much energy that she usually has, that should be indicative right there about how low she was feeling. Still, she keeps getting better and we hope to catch up on our laundry soon.

Now what?



  1. …it is amazing to see that Mango still has a cheerful, however sad looking, disposition between bouts of vomiting…her sad smile tugs at one’s heart…let her get better soon!!! She is amazing!!! Hardly complaining!!! WOW!

  2. True enough. She didn’t get that from me by any means. We’ve talked to her daycare and they are willing to take her back even though she is still recovering (almost better) because “we miss her”. She doesn’t smile much now, but she still watches everything around with interest. Some days it seems like nothing will stop our Mango.

  3. hope she feels better soon. give her some extra hugs and kisses from me…..xoxox

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