Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 16, 2010


M – Well, she certainly does not lack for food. Some meals she eats more than we do. For example, a few morning ago I had a muffin. Mango had 1/2 bottle of milk (5 oz) (she finishes the rest (another 5 oz) during the car ride to daycare), a small bowl of cereal, 1/4 of a bagel (or 1/2 a slice of toast), and drank water throughout the meal. That night for supper she had a small bowl of what we were having (a stew-like concoction), an entire carrot, another small bowl (sometimes two) of yogurt mixed with fruit sauce, a plate of fruit, some ‘Cheerios’, some ‘Puffs’, and some ‘Lil Crunchies’ (they are like short straight Cheetos with different flavours/colours). Less than an hour later (as she was winding down to go to sleep), she downed a full (10 oz) bottle of milk. Luckily – for now – her favourites are sliced carrots and oranges (separately, of course).

See? I can use utensils too.

Not just licking, but chewing the plate clean. Strange girl.

What's next?

Her diet is certainly better than mine.



  1. …great that she is not a picky eater…love the crinkled nose face picture of her…so cuuute!!!

  2. Well, not a picky eater yet, but our research shows she will be soon enough. 😦

  3. …envinsion her to turn into a picky eater(?), why not enjoy the current easy situation!!!

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