Posted by: simplyscrambled | March 5, 2010

Playing ‘House’.

M – Well, she’s not really playing ‘House’, it is more like she is playing ‘Wall’, seeing as that is all there is to the structure.   

Like my place?

 Still, she enjoys it, even closing the door behind and peeking back through at us.   

Yoohoo - I'm in here. Come on in.

 Unfortunately, as it is up against our one last relatively open space – a bookshelf – we end up with a number of our books ending up on the floor courtesy of her wandering hands.  Lastly – don’t her toes look cute poking out past the door in the last picture?

Just reading, really. What? You can trust me.

 Still, it is indicative of how she is becoming more independent and enjoys playing by herself sometimes.



  1. …what a cute picture of Mango! Love it!! Should be kept in her scrapbook!!

  2. Um, which one? I’m biased and like most pictures of her anyway. As for being scrapbooked, I’ll find out soon enough…

  3. …looks so cute, her toes sticking out and her face in serious concentration!! Great picture!!

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