Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | March 2, 2010

A solid foundation.

M – I am very glad that Mango has been repeatedly told how to do things over the past months, even when she didn’t seem to understand what was said. Her usage of knowledge offered is somewhat erratic, but we hope if we keep at talking and explaining everything to her, she will have a better foundation to work with. As mentioned in a past post, her first word(s) were ‘all done’, accompanied with the ASL sign for it. She says/signs this often now, it is just a matter of us figuring out how she means it at that moment. Some uses are: a) being out of food, b) not wanting more food, (or wanting to move on to a different food), c) being done her bottle, d) just to watch her hands move, e) to hear herself and us say it, f) anything else.

This being said, she learned a while back how to climb onto our couch – she is then assisted in getting down by putting her feet over the edge and onto the floor first (while being reminded ‘feet first’). Just a day or two ago, she clambered off by herself – feet first. 😀 Yay! Still, she does get distracted and walk off the edge about half the time.

Our little explorer.

Woohoo! Bouncy!

Catch me now!


Final (unrelated) thought: she is at the stage now where she is very interested about what is in the cupboards/drawers/etc. – and can now open them up to find out. We found her sitting on the floor with an open package of crackers. Oh my. I predict a lot of messes to clean up coming our way.



  1. …is it possible to secure the cupboard doors in such a way that Mango can’t open them?! with knobs it is easy – just put a rubber band tight around the 2 adjacent knobs…with handles – a stirring spoon through 2 adjacent handles might work for a little while…otherwise just clean up after her!

  2. So far everything has been relatively harmless. She seems smart enough to figure out how to pull a stirring spoon out though, so we are always having to be alert…

  3. …any harmful chemicals under the sink in the bathroom???

  4. M – I would say no comment, but then you might imagine the worst. Yes, there are some bottles of shampoo and the like under there, but she has yet to figure out how to open up bottles with twist-on caps. Also, we are still ALWAYS going in there with her (she loves pulling on the toilet paper, so now that stays on the counter) 🙂

  5. …has Mango tried to flush things like toys, clothing, diapers, food, etc. down the toilet yet?! It is fun to see things flushed away, a fun-game once discovered!! Can also plug toilets! Parents be aware! New adventures on the horizon?!

  6. lol. Not yet, but she used to enjoy pulling on the roll of toilet paper – we now keep it on our counters. As for the flushing. Do. Not. Even. Think. It. Not funny. 😛

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