Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 23, 2010

Fueling up, filling up.

M – She is getting smarter by the day. Her latest trick – in her high-chair – is to pull back on the tray. The chair’s base tray is actually quite small one as it is primarily a base onto which the main one, which is sizeably bigger, attaches. This one then has a removable top (which snaps into place) for easy cleaning. She no longer waits for us to remove it when her meal is over (or when she wants her meal to be over) but rather gets a fingerhold on the far edge of it and pulls back (as in towards her). Being strong enough now, the entire top comes off and anything on it ends up in her lap. To be fair, we have so far managed to catch her before anything aside from liquids to come off, but…

Just ...gotta...get...a...fingerhold...

...and...urkk...almost...pull...umph...there...AHA! Hello? Help!

Interestingly enough, when she has had enough (either due to being full or because she no longer wants that specific food), she moves her meal out of the way. Sometimes she does fling the pieces to either side of the tray (and grinning broadly while doing so), but for the most part she picks up the food chunks and drops them back into the bowl they came from.

There you go; I'm 'all done' here.

She has also tried drinking out of glasses (instead of sippy cups) once or twice. It is both cute to see and hear. She chomps on the rim of the glass which results in an interesting noise. She also is not great at judging accurately how much fits in her mouth. Things get wet when she ‘drinks’. Nonetheless, she gamely swallows the water and if we don’t tip the glass very far back, manages to keep most of it in her rather than on her. 

Not too fast. I'm still little.

 Still, she is working on the concept, as she tends to dip her hand in and wash her food off into the water.

Just washing up here. Feels cool!


  1. …great achievement on her part managing to finesse a combination of strength and cleverness or skill; what will the next step be?! unfastening the safety belt…oh no, I hope not!!

  2. lol. Don’t even think that way! When the meal is over she has already sort of hoisted herself halfway out of her highchair in the past.
    As for the next step, she is already giving us heart attacks. She just moves so fast, it is hard to get pictures of her before having to help/stop her.

  3. …it is hard to keep one step ahead of Mango, isn’t it?! Interesting times are ahead…?! What will the next surprise be?!
    Today at our place she just walked down the first step of our stairs… I watched her (standing behind her) to see how she would handle the stairs to our basement and low and behold she just kept on walking as if there were no stairs, as if the even floor would continue. I had to rescue her by her arms. She just laughed with no sign of fear on her part. She wanted to carry on as if walking on an even floor, didn’t even attempt to crawl or climb!!!

  4. Fearless? Nice way of saying she still has yet to learn and appreciate how dangerous the world can be, no matter where one is.
    She is pretty good at home, so maybe it was the newness. All those different things to see!

  5. …Mango has also a gentle nature…she looks at you before touching something she isn’t sure about whether she is allowed to grab the object in question or not: for example – my glasses on the night table, the candle & swan on the coffee table, etc. etc. When I signalled no (with body language) or said no, she accepted it without getting upset!! On Sunday she was really cheerful and well-mannered as well. A very likeable little one who is no ones fool and knows what she wants. Good for her!

  6. M – Well, she probably didn’t get that from me. Nice to hear though. I am a proud parent indeed.

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