Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 16, 2010


M – (This post was also delayed due to the ‘year in dreams’ sequence).

We’re working now (as in where one is paid monetarily), but that forces us to miss out on the minutiae of Mango’s growing. As mentioned in an earlier comment, knowing how happy she is to see us doesn’t help. It can make one feel worse instead :(. Ever concerned about her welfare, after interviewing a number of places for a suitable daycare, we finally picked one in the beginning of January. It seemed (and was) really nice, but whenever she was picked up from there, we noticed a slight malodor of cigarette smoke. Even though I survived having parents who smoked (they quit for 20+ years ago), it created concern. Logic and statistics do little to assuage one’s concerns and/or guilt, so we paid the deposit and moved her to a different place. It is less convenient for us (although Mango will only have to be in the car for 20 minutes instead of 25). Health trumps money where we are concerned. We are enjoying the weekend, moreso because it has been mild enough to take her out for some walks. Her cuteness continues, even when she is creating havoc.

As an incidental to all this, I am sure our cat is pleased with the situation. Not because she has freedom all day (although I am sure it is a perk) but because there is a cat at the daycare which is very placid and is not bothered when Mango ‘pets’ her. Since then, they have lived here in greater harmony, with cat suffering to be petted by Mango (although her hand gets held to lessen the pressure behind her stroking).

Cornered cat.

We are updated daily about events at Mango’s daycare. For example, today she kept saying ‘kitty’ all day long (there is a cat or two there too). She also got her first ‘updo’ there, which was far cuter than I imagined it would be. After all, she already looks so cute with her wild and curly hair.

Am I cute?

And now for my close-up. Hi camera!

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