Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 13, 2010

Size matters…possibly

M – (This post was delayed by the ‘year in dreams’ sequence).

It feels like our place is getting smaller by the day, as Mango went from a walk to a run in about a week. If I walk at a comfortable pace, she can stay abreast of me. Couple that with the strewn mess of child-care items (both for entertainment and sundries) and it creates a minefield of a living space. She seems to enjoy it though and now does play on her own without needing to look up every few minutes to see if we are there. As with most children, she often finds the mundane to be the most interesting. Granted, she does play with the toys she has, but she also has fun with a crumpled plastic cup (still surviving from her first birthday party), banging on empty containers, our shoes, the straps on her stroller, the list goes on. Just as a comparison, this is the relative space at our place …

Whe is there a tree inside here?

Lots of room for hugs, somewhat less for playing

… as compared to a place we visited around Christmas-time.

Generations of joy

Lastly – it may seem harder to lose things in a smaller area, but as items (all important, of course) are put down (just for the time being), somehow they become lost in piles of other equally essential things. The irony.



  1. …smaller places seem to be cozier and can be more comfy while bigger places offer more breathing space…yet, none is better than the other…it all comes down to what one prefers or likes best and to make the best of what one has! …there you have my thoughts, in a nuts-shell!!!

  2. True. However, we are lucky enough to be able to experience both. Having family nearby is a big bonus too!

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