Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | February 6, 2010

Dream on…

M – Being forced into spreading this picture layout over a number of posts has made it easier on the eyes (not such an overload of pictures all at once). Needless to say, other posts may involve her sleeping, but they will not be centred on her slumber. So peacefully she seems to sleep. Even so it was noticed recently with smiles how she was moving her hands the way she does when she is indicating she is ‘all done’ (her very first words). Makes one wonder what goes on in there. Was it because she was sick and didn’t want to feel so yucky any more? Was she full from her last meal? Was she being forced to have something she didn’t like? We’ll never know. I hope you enjoy these pictures of her dreaming wonderous worlds. 

AUGUST 2009  

August 4th

August 7th


September 24th

September 29th

OCTOBER 2009   

October 27th

NOVEMBER 2009   

November 17th

JANUARY  2010 – and so the next year begins. 

January 27th

For January I had to cheat and use the last picture after her first birthday. Even then I had to wait until she was asleep for hours. Makes the following day tiring. 


  1. ….those fat baby limbs….sigh.

    That one with her folded right over and asleep is amazing. She really contorts herself!

  2. lol. I know. Makes me smile when I see it. She must have been really tired. 🙂

  3. i also like the last one for it’s contrast to all the contortionist pictures. she looks like a ski-jumper taking off.

  4. …she doesn’t need a blanket to cover up and stay warm, but a “blankie” for comfort, that’s for sure!!

  5. That’s true Oma, but thankfully almost any ‘blankie’ will do (think of the laundry hassles otherwise.)

  6. Y’know Burro, I hadn’t thought of the ‘ski jumper’ view, but I like it. Better than seeing ‘someone passed out drunk on sofa’ perspective. 😛

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