Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 24, 2010

Sleep on it

Hah! I could escape here using just my feet if I really wanted to

Hah, your restraints are no match for the Great Mango-dini

M – Granted, the picture is two months old, but her sleeping positions have not changed all that much since then. I remember how worried we were the first time we saw her body all squished in a corner or distorted in a way no-one could find comfortable enough to sleep in. Daycare is well under way and still stressful. Now if we inherited enough money to retire already (hint hint), then one of use could spend all day with her. Of course we are kidding, but it emphasises how important we feel our input into her development to be. Besides, we miss her. 😦

I know we must remind ourselves that she over a year old and it is important for her to improve her social skills blah blah blah.

 Bearing in mind she’ll remember nothing, it still feels better to have her in a place we feel safe leaving her (not happy though, but that’s ‘case we are her parents. She is sick tonight, but after a few minutes of crying, she has fallen to sleep deeply enough that she did not awaken when I inadvertantly coughed a few times a short while ago (we are a bit sick too). Yay Mango. Heal on baby!

Just in case, I’d like to thank the support people are offering us (well, Mango) if  the need arises.


  1. …hope you are not coming down with something serious…whatever bugs you, no pun intended, will disappear fast…but unfortunately it is the season for sniffles and sneezes…get well soon!!!

  2. …little correction: …hope you are not coming down with something serious and that whatever bugs you, no pun intended, will disappear fast… (the rest of my comment is okay!)

  3. i’m on standby!!

  4. To everyone, Burro and Oma, thanks and yay team!

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