Posted by: Partial parent (still scrambled) | January 11, 2010


M- Let me begin by adding a caveat in that once two or more weeks have passed by since January 1st, resolutions no longer apply.  

I suppose since it’s a new year, we should be making resolutions that will improve ourselves. Not so for us, at least not yet. Too many things to deal with all at once. D has restarted work this week, forcing Mango to adjust to a new routine (sadly involving daycare). Not surprisingly, the change has been harder on D than Mango. Personally, I think she has become addicted to her time with our precious/precocious child and is feeling she is somehow being less of a parent by not being there for her (she is the best mother ever though). Now while I wished the year of maternal leave could be extended, it wasn’t. Changes happen and some are harder to work through than others. Looking for a silver lining has been difficult. For example, if having to go to work reminds you once again of how bad/mean/thoughtless/etc. people can be and that it should make your time at home more precious, it also serves as a reminder of what you are missing out on while at work for those 8+ hours.  

Don't cry Momma. You can borrow my blankie, 'k?


We are forced to grow here, and it really hurts.



  1. Yikes…i really feel for D. Give her a big hug for me…

  2. Thank you, I will. I am sure you can imagine being ripped apart from your children. Not fun.

  3. …how is daycare working out?!?
    Double duty for NEW, first-time, working parents, is a challenge!!!
    Hang in, it will work out!!! You can do it!!!

  4. I remember those days all to clearly and it doesnt help that at pick up they really did seem to miss you so good luck to you both ..and a little early on the little happy bday since I wont get on again for a while.

  5. …it sucks, but you have to make a living for your little one and yourselves, thus can’t avoid the 8+ working for pay…who says life is easy???

  6. Thanks bunchs and I think I’ll quote your sentiments. Enjoy your time away from the internet.

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